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Brooklyn native Kimberly Davis, only child to Carol Jean Davis, is embracing her family heritage. In fact, it was her late mother – a singer for such elite Motown creatives as Smokey Robinson – who introduced the little girl to music. Even her father was a musician, thanks to his trusty saxophone. Kimberly’s home was the perfect garden in which to grow a giant talent.

In her own words: “I’ve been singing since I could talk. Growing up in a musical household, you can’t help but love and appreciate all types of music.” She eagerly got involved in anything and everything musical, from elementary school to her attendance at the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts. So the school that inspired the movie, ”Fame”, nurtured Kimberly’s unmistakable talent as well.

It was there that she joined an all-girls group --originally called “Petite” and later changed to “Ex- Girlfriend” -- managed by Full Force. Sensing her own potential and feeling restricted within agroup, Kimberly made the choice to push forward as a solo artist.

Her life’s decision came just in time, before she also became the mother to her only child, Jamel Davis. Even while working a 9 to 5 office job, Kimberly avidly pursued her burning passion for singing. That exact, unswerving commitment helped her transition herself to a full time gig as a vocalist.

From her work on soundtracks and jingles, and with her background of singing and touring, Kimberly kept turning her dreams into reality with full force! Right out of the gate, her first single –- “Get Up” from D1 Music –- reached #12 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts. Her next single, “Twist of Love”, built on that first success. It was played by over 200 radio stations, debuting at #41 on Billboard’s Hot Club Play Charts. After just a few weeks, it had skyrocketed up to #9 where it remained for four weeks more.

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But as they say, third time’s the charm! Her single, “With You”, landed her the #4 spot on the Billboard Dance Club Charts. Most recently, Kimberly’s unique vocal prowess was featured for the world by Tony Moran and Nile Rogers in “My Fire”. Kimberly hopes this latest song -- already zooming up the charts -- will spawn a slew of exciting remixes and many more new songs beyond. She hopes to share her glorious fire on television, at Gay Pride parades and at as many festivals as possible.

Kimberly Davis is now lead singer for the famous disco band, “CHIC” featuring Nile Rodgers. Today she glows under that spotlight throughout the world in performances-by-invitation. Across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the UK and even “down under,” audiences on every continent respond to Kimberly’s exceptional vocal prowess. Across every culture, people can feel the heart, soul and passion she always infuses into her music.

Kimberly is striving to create a legacy that will forever honor her music and voice as the once little girl who sang her face off every chance she got, and who was always humble but stayed fierce. She wants her fans to feel nothing but euphoria when they hear her sing ... because there's nothing like a dance floor to help everyone forget the drama of daily life. Kimberly’s journey has been rewarding, but her pursuit of more growth continues unquenched. Up next? “More and more music,” she says. “I've sung since I could talk. I’m not stopping anytime soon!”